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Marketing was destiny for Mat Zucker—the perfect cocktail of creativity, art and salesmanship. But before becoming chief creative officer of the world’s largest direct marketing agency and now partner at a global management consultancy, he had to pay his dues. First as a secretary at a big ad agency, mastering a West Virginian accent, and then, as a writer, researching the phenomenon of spanking parties, he’s picked up both hard lessons about selling brands and managing careers, with many laughs along the way. With this candid memoir, Mat gives aspiring marketers the gift of what he's seen and learned.

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“Through the serendipitous twists and turns of his career, Mat Zucker reminds us that we’re each in charge of our own.”
—Tom Fishburne, Creator of Marketoonist and Author of Your Ad Ignored Here
"Bronze Seeks Silver is the perfect book for any businessperson – it reads like an entertaining memoir while imparting important lessons at the same time. Whether or not you’re in marketing, you’ll see yourself in Mat’s stories and find yourself rooting for him time after time."
—Stephanie Fierman, Founder, Futureproof Strategies
"Don’t miss this warm, witty, and honest take on a life in the ad business. Zucker just adds to his already awesome karma by sharing his experience and wisdom. You don’t have to be an aspiring ad genius to learn a lot from his well-told stories."
—Ron Bel Bruno, Founder, RBB/NYC Editorial Consultancy
“In Bronze Meets Silver, Mat takes us through his career rise in advertising, sharing lessons he’s learned in a style that is witty and relatable. Great read and take-home value for both those early in their careers or those looking back, reflecting, and thinking of what comes next.”
— Josh Boaz, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Direct Agents
"Bronze Seeks Silver is one of those unexpected treasures that you didn’t know you were digging for, but were actually looking for your whole life. Mat’s journey is one filled with memorable stories, characters and lessons learned, bolstered by a smart, witty, and infinitely optimistic copywriter’s pen."
—Scott Davis, Chief Growth Officer, Prophet


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